Why Homewreckers?

Thursday, September 13, 2018

You know the expression "it always gets worse before it gets better?"

That's pretty much how any project you will ever do to your home goes. Maybe it was too much HGTV as a kid, but when I bought my first home, I had some seriously unrealistic expectations about how much time, patience, and money home renovation projects would require of me. I had dozens of Pinterest boards with beautiful inspiration, but very little knowledge about how to actually do any of the things I wanted to (and still don't, let's be real).

 I quickly learned that every time I got the urge to take on a new project in our house, the words "Sorry, but I'm about to make our house a wreck for a little bit while I do this project" were pretty important to prepare my husband for what I was about to do.

Take a simple project like wallpapering the laundry closet. That took me about 4x as long as I thought, and by the end of it, we had paper shreds, bits of glue, and who-knows-how-old lint creatures covering every inch of our upstairs. It was a mess, and that was just a super, simple, DIY job. Making changes to your house can make your house an absolute wreck, y'all! And you know what, I freaking love it.

So, that's where The HomeWreckers Blog comes in. No, we're not lookin' to bust up any marriages, but we are lookin' to take our house apart, make a big-ass wreck, and then put it all back together again to make this house our home.

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